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NACMAP Version 5.0

Copyright (c) 1999-2014 NAC Geographic Products Inc.

NACMAP Version 5.0 is a powerful spatial data visualization tool that has implemented the capabilities of presenting the most complicated business data in the easiest way onto various base maps retrieved from online map servers such as free Open Street Map based servers or commercial map servers with detail street maps and satellite image maps covering the entire world. Your data can be vector/raster map layers with hyperlinks, scaled bars, scaled symbols, markers, fixed symbols, images, labels, polygons, polylines and other objects in screen pixel coordinates, NACs, geographic coordinates or UTM coordinates. When an object is drawn in the screen coordinates, it will be fixed at the location on the screen no matter how the map is changing, which will be very useful for adding legends, notes and others. Moreover, NACMAP allows you to create layers with your specified periods to flash so that you can see some important objects especially moving objects as NACMAP is updating the data each time when it flashes the layer. If you have layers connected to live database servers, you can see the objects moving on the map. Therefore, it can be used to monitor real time data on the map.

Since NACMAP is an Internet application, it can manage data across different locations and data servers. All NACMAP files, user data files and maps can reside on the Internet or intranet, or be linked through the hyperlinks on the interactive maps to create a complex network of projects that can be shared by all offices acroos the entire world.

NACMAP displays instantly the coordinates of the cursor in screen pixels, Longitude/Latitude, NAC and UTM as well as geomagnetic parameters: declination, inclination and intensity. The geomagnetc parameters can be used to correct the compass direction for navigating, hiking, boating, etc.

Its straight forward user-interfaces and optimised data structures makes it the easiest GIS program for Vehicle Tracking, Marketing, Business Data Analysis, Decision Making, Territory Management, Real Estate Management, Road and Bridge Maintenance, Street Lights Maintenence, Site Selection, Target Marketing, Prospect Analysis, Media Planning, Sales Analysis, Natural Resource Management, Navigating, Hiking, Exploring, Fishing, Boating, Rescuing, Tourist Information Management, Transportation, Teaching and Learning, etc.

The map layers of a NACMAP project can be text files with open format that can be easily created from various data sources dynamically or Excel CSV files or data through direct accesses to intranet or Internet database servers. NACMAP allows you to retrieve map with Natural Area Code (NAC) or longitude/latitude coordinates or mouse dragged area or mouse click. Users can obtain maps of any sizes for any areas.

If you want to try NACMAP, please email us to sales@nacgeo.com or call +1 (416) 496 6110.

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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