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"I greatly appreciate the help you provide. If you want to add me to your site for a phone reference or email reference, I will be more than happy to let any of your new customers to call or email me for referrals about the WEBGIS product. Your product and support is excellent."
Charles Miller
Waring & Associates
(504) 733-3117

WEBGIS Version 4.0

WEBGIS Version 4.0 supports Open GIS Standard and can be used as the GIS client for any map server compliant with Open GIS specifications which has made it possible for Internet mapping applications to use public web map servers provided by the governments and other organizations. The Internet mapping applications get the most accurate and updated maps from these map servers and put their own data as dynamic vector and raster map layers on top of the public basemaps. They need to maintain only their specific geographic data with a cut of more than 95% of the costs by eliminating the costs in purchasing and maintaining expensive map server software, base maps, server computers and dedicated Internet connections. In this approach, providing, maintaining and updating the public base maps are the responsibilities of the governments. Therefore, our WEBGIS is the most robust and efficient Internet mapping technology with the lowest cost that any small web sites afford. This strategy has gradually become the standard practice for the Internet mapping applications as demonstrated by TravelGIS.com where travel information has been integrated with maps from a variety of free map servers (USGS, Geographic Network, DEMIS, CubeVerx, MIT, NIMA, etc).

The new features of this version include:
  • Support of Open GIS Standard: it can switch on/off map stores, themes and layers, retrieve maps and query features of any Open GIS compliant map server.
  • Continuous zoom in/out for any GIS projects with map servers.
  • Print the displayed map
  • Many new API functions for vehicle tracking/mapping, drawing symbols, retrieving maps with lon/lat, NAC, city name, refresh, etc.
WEBGIS Version 4.0 is the world first web GIS client software compliant with Open GIS specification (Nov. 20, 2000). For more information, see its help file. For a real example of WEBGIS Version 4.0, open the Intelligent Map of www.TravelGIS.com.

If you don't need continuous zoom in your intelligent maps/GIS projects, then WEBGIS Version 3.0 is still a good choice that is self-contained without needs of any other map servers. Click here to view its demo.

WEBGIS Version 3.0

Map publisher - WEBGIS Version 3.0 developed by NAC Geographic Products Inc. is the first real GIS Technology available on the Internet. The JAVA applet publishes Geographic Information Systems and intelligent maps created by our GIS editing software NACMAP on web pages. Please send us an email with your name, mail address, email address, phone number, company name, and the web address for WEBGIS page to purchase a WEBGIS license (59).


The major features of the software includes:
  • Support of raster and vector maps;
  • Support of unlimited number of switchable map layers;
  • Support of various map objects: symbols, images (GIF/JPEG), texts, polylines, polygons, arcs, ellipses, pies, etc;
  • Support of map bar charts for displaying various data on maps;
  • Support of hyperlinks for all kinds of map objects;
  • Support of any combination of three different coordinate systems for map objects: screen pixel, longitude/latitude, and UTM;
  • Instant computation and display of screen coordinates, longitude/latitude, NAC, UTM, geomagnetic declination, inclination and intensity of the cursor on all maps;
  • Since the map layers are text files in an open file format, they can be created dynamically by CGI/ASP scripts extracting data from databases;
  • Small size (the applet has only 34 kb) that can be loaded instantly without installing anything on the user's computer;
  • Support of two different displaying modes: normal mode with frame around the map window, and frameless mode with the map window only;
  • Support of unlimited size of maps in the scroll map window;
  • Support of any width and height for the applet;
  • Support of free mapping services for users;
  • Support of browsing history that can be navigated by Back and Next buttons;
  • Support of API functions for Java/VB scripts to control the opening of maps, drawing traces or locations of realtime moving objects on the map dynamically, and switch on/off map layers, etc.;
  • Support of automatic ranges for retrieving data
  • Support of random prameter for retrieving gurantteed fresh data in CGI/ASP queries (not from the cache);
  • Support of dynamic coodinates of the cursor in hyperlink queries;
  • Online help document.
For more information, see the Help Document.


The great power and small size of the applet makes it the best solution for:
  • Online tourist guides for parks, cities, provinces/states, countries, continents and the entire world;
  • Real estate listing service web sites;
  • Real time traffic monitoring and vehicle tracking web sites;
  • Environmental observation web sites;
  • Online weather reporting systems;
  • Online earth quake monitoring and warning systems;
  • Online guides for fishing control and fishing information;
  • Online realtime tracking, tracing and monitoring systems;
  • Online presentation for various location sensitive data;
  • Online management systems for forests and agriculcures;
  • Online monitoring systems for special animals;

Click here to see the applet of version 4.0 with frame

Click here to see the applet of version 3.0 with frame

The following is a sample project published by WEBGIS Version 3.0 in the frameless displaying mode. You can explore the features of the software by moving the mouse on the applet. You will see hyperlinks and coordinates (screen pixels, longitude/latitude, UTM and NAC on the status bar) of the location pointed by the cursor. If you click on a hyperlink, you will open the linked web page or the linked map file. You can also click the third button at the bottom left corner of the applet to open a window for switching on/off map layers, on which you can switch on or off map layers as you want. Each map layer can have all kinds of map objects with their own hyperlinks.

Draw Symbols on the Applet

The following is to show how API function - Draw() works. Input appropriate data in the following form to draw a symbol on the map:

Note: when N = -2, the following X and Y are screen coordinates in pixels;
when N = -1, the following X and Y are longitude and latitude in degrees;
when N > 0, N is the UTM zone number and the following X and Y are UTM easting and northing in meters.
X: degrees/meters/pixels
Y: degrees/meters/pixels
Redraw map: Yes, No

WEBGIS Technology Bundle

In order to help people to get their web site powered by WEBGIS technology to run immediately, we also provide the whole bundle of technology which includes the WEBGIS applet, required customized ASP scripts and database files, web pages, and map files for a country, a state/province, a city or any user defined area in the world. The entire project can usually be completed within a week. We guaranttee the web site operating as you have planned.

Price and Order Information

WEBGIS Version 3.0 now is 59/License. Everybody can use it to publish as many maps as he wants on his web sites. To buy a the WEBGIS package, please send us an email with your name, mailing address, phone number and email address (the email address must have the same domain name as the web site you are going to have WEBGIS applet).

We also provide WEBGIS Technology Bundle that includes creating a web site powered by WEBGIS with intelligent maps, map layers, user input form web page, ASP script files for user input and generating dynamic map layers, the database files, etc.

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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