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An Enhanced World Factbook - FACTWORLD

An enhanced World Factbook - FACTWORLD is a world information system developed for all government officials, businessmen and all other well educated people. It contains the latest detail information about the economy, people, geography, government, transportation, communication and defense forces of the entire world and individual countries and areas. FACTWORLD includes documents such as the entire World Factbook published by CIA of USA, 54 sorted interactive lists of countries and areas with statistical data, 17 interactive full-color maps such as the Political Map of the World, Timezone Map, continent and special area maps as well as 269 maps of countries and areas.

FACTWORLD has incorporated a powerful user-interface on which people can efficiently reach what they are mostly interested in. The first cover page contains 17 small maps with links to the corresponding interactive maps, 54 menu items to link all sorted interactive lists of countries and areas of the world, the links to the index file and the document describing the whole world. Click on any of the item will open the corresponding document.

Every interactive map is a full-color map on which you can click on any point within the boundary of a country or an area to open a document describing the detail latest situation about the country or the area. You can also use a menu command to find a country or an area on the map by its short name or a character string in its description document. The found country or area will be scrolled to the center of the client window of the map, with the highlighted boundary and a bounding rectangle. Therefore, you can freely go either from the map to the description documents or from the description documents to the map conveniently.

Every interactive list of countries and areas will show you the ranks of countries and areas with their values of a statistical index. A list will help you establish the relative meaning of a value of a statistical index and quantitative differences between countries. The lists will let you know which is the best and the worset, which is the richest and the poorest, people in which country has the longest life expectancy and the shortest life expectancy, which has the largest GDP and which has the largest imports/exports, which has the fastest GDP growth rate, inflation rate, etc. Evey item on a list is a link. You can click on any country on the list and then click a button, the corresponding description document will be opened.

The index file lists the names of all the countries and areas in the world alphabetically with links to their corresponding description documents. There are also links for you to jump to a group of the names of countries and areas with the same starting letter, which helps you rapidly find and open the document of a country.

Every description document contains a map of the corresponding country or area, a link to the index file and latest detail information about the country or area.

You can also use find command to find and open a description document of a country or area by input its short name or any specific character string in the document such as the name of a country, the name of a city in the country or some other words. The find command can also help you group countries and areas by a shared characteristics such as a ethnic group, a mineral, or an agriculture product, etc. Therefore, you can quickly know which countries produce diamonds, which countries grow rices, etc.

FACTWORLD also includes many useful functions to help you travel in the wonderful virtual world of the database. You can zoom in and out of any map. You can display multiple maps simultaneously. You can open multiple windows to display one map. You can also divide one window of a map into two or four window panes on which you can display the different parts of the same map. You can set the background color as and the scroll window size for the map as you want. You can also reset the scale and the coordinates of the top left corner of the window for a map.

Discount information

The standard price for the license for a single person using FACTWORLD in one computer is 39.

Since FACTWORLD is a periodical publication and it will be published every year, with all the new information about the world, you will get special discounts if you subscribe FACTWORLD for multiple years. The price for three years will be 100, and five years, 150.

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System Requirements

  Minimal				Recommended

  486 Personal Computer			Pentium 100MHz PC
  At least 8 MB of RAM			16 MB of RAM
  Windows 95 or Windows NT
  No hard disk space required if it is run in CD-ROM;
  At least 60MB of hard disk space if it is installed on the hard disk.

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