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"NACDraw is a nice graphics program that enables you to create a wide variety of documents. It takes a little time to learn but will let you create vector graphics, multimedia presentations, and animations. An integrated drawing program allows you to create vector graphics with varying line thickness. You can fill your drawings with solid colors, patterns, or even other pictures and export your drawings to the most popular graphics formats. You can also make multimedia presentations using your drawings and imported images and audio. In the same way, you can create non-interactive animations by setting the time between frames. A listening function even enables you to control graphic objects using voice commands. As an added bonus, NACDraw also has a very nice .avi to .mpg converter."
Reviewed on Aug 14 2000 by ZDNet

NACDraw Version 3.0

The award winning software provides you many useful features:
  • Edit vector graphics with given scale, line thickness, color, style, filling color and style and images.
  • Import image files in BMP, EMF, GIF and JPEG and any other documents of ActiveX server software like MS Excel and MS Word;
  • Create animation files: GIF, AVI and MPEG enhanced with audio and individual time steps between frames;
  • Capture pictures and save them in BMP, EMF, GIF or JPEG format;
  • Add listening ability to graphic objects so that they can respond to voice commands;
  • Use pictures as ends and nodes for polylines/polygons;
  • Fill polygons with various patterns and other pictures/images;
  • Function as an ActiveX server that allows other ActiveX containers like MS Word to insert and play NACDraw documents in their documents;
  • Control the animation, interactivity and all other software in the computer with keyboard, mouse and voice.
  • Make any card games and board games with timers, sounds and items that can be dragged and flipped by the mouse.
  • Provide the free player for publishing games conveniently;
  • Enhance documents with hyperlinks to link other NACDraw documents and web pages locally or on the Internet.


  • The price for NACDraw Version 3.0 is 39/License.
  • NACDraw Version 2.1 is FREE.
You can order it here.


NACDraw is the most powerful software in the world, which creates various projects with accurate graphics, functional buttons, hyperlinks, multimedia and vector animation.

You can use NACDraw to create:

  1. Family multimedia interactive animated photo album CD-ROMs.
  2. Company profiles with various photographs, drawings, hyperlinks, controls, narrations, music and animations.
  3. Product demonstrations with various photographs, drawings, hyperlinks, controls, narrations, music and animations to explain and illustrate the appearances and fuctions as well as the operation instructions.
  4. Designs for machines which can have either a local file or an Internet file linked to each of their components, and have various functional buttons to animate the operations of the machines;
  5. Presentations with animation to illustrate, links to references, functional buttons to control the progress of the presentation and to jump between pages, music and narration for every frame, as well as professional frame transitions;
  6. World Wide Web pages with multimedia vector animation, hyperlinks and functional buttons;
  7. Multimedia games with various controls, sounds and animation;
  8. Illustrations with links, controls and sounds to demonstrate how to use and operate a new machine, equipment or a software;
  9. Tourist Guides and Geographic Information Systems.
  10. Lectures to explain a new theory or show the procedure how to make an experiment.
  11. Research projects which can efficiently organize various files using beautiful graphics interface with various hyperlinks, controls, narrations, music and animation.

NACDraw can play or show multiple graphics documents with or without animation simultaneously, multiple views of one graphics file at the same time. It allows you to display different layers of a graphics file as you specify. You can easily open, read and edit a linked file of each graphic object. If a NACDraw document includes animation, it will automatically play the multimedia animation when it is loaded. You can use keyboard, menu commands or the graphics controls to control the animation.

NACDraw includes a very efficient animation editor which allows you to create various projects with links, controls, multimedia and animation. Since the editor generates vector graphics, the animation files are always much smaller than video animation files. The vector animation files can also be easily modified by its parameters.

NACDraw allows you to set the time steps for every frame of an animation file to help you arrange time schedules and progresses for different frames with different emphasis or features. The time step can be any value from a millisecond to hours. The only limitation of the time step is your computer speed. A 486 PC can play frames at time steps as small as 0.1 second.

NACDraw allows you to specify a sound file for any time step as you want and stop a sound file at any time step as you set. You may use one sound file for certain frames, keep silent for some frames and start another sound file for other frames, with frames matching their own sound files exactly. There are two groups of sound files: wave files (*.wav) and music files (*.mid, *.rmi). You can play a wave file and a music file at the same time. Therefore, you can use a music file as the background sound and a wave file as the foreground.

NACDraw can make any graphic objects to be animation controls. When an animation proceeds, you can click on these objects to control the animation: stop, start from beginning, continue the animation from the current frame forward, continue the animation from the current frame backward, turn one frame forward or backward, jump to any specified frame and stop there or continue the animation from that frame either forward or backward for certain frames or to the end, turn on or turn off sound, link to other animation files or documents, close the file or exit the software, expand the view to the full screen, and so on.

NACDraw allows you to specify the next animation file which will be automatically played after the current animation has completed its forward playing, and specify the previous animation file which will be automatically played backward from its last frame after the current animation has completed its backward playing.

You can also use the keyboard or menu commands to control the animation: press Esc key to stop an animation, press Enter to start the animation from the beginning, press Space bar to continue the animation from the current frame forward, press Back Space key to continue the animation from the current frame backward, press Page Down to turn one frame forward, press Page Up to turn one frame backward, press Ctrl key to turn on or turn off the sound for the animation, press F2 to expand the view into the full screen.

You can specify parameters for the current animation and the animation which will automatically start when the file is loaded. An animation may start from any time step to any other time step, either forward or backward, loop or stop, or continue to the end, with sound or without sound. You can also choose whether all automatically linked animation files will be loaded to the current file one by one or close old files and open new files when the animation proceeds.

If you want to publish or deliver a project to other people, it will be a convenient way that you put your project directory into NACDraw (or NACDraw Browser) installation directory and give the directory the name "Game" and the first loaded file the name "Main.NAC". If you do like this, your project will be automatically loaded when NACDraw (or NACDraw browser) is launched.

NACDraw allows you to specify password to protect your NACDraw documents from unauthorized modifications. When you publish your NACDraw projects on Internet or in commercial products, people can only read, play and control the animation but not modify the animation if you don't tell them the passward. Therefore, your artworks will be safely protected.

NACDraw supports preset frame transition styles to make presentations look nicer without the need to create transitions by yourself for general presentations. There are many transition styles for you to select:

  1. Box in,
  2. Box out,
  3. Wipe left,
  4. Wipe right,
  5. Wipe top,
  6. Wipe bottom,
  7. Move in from left,
  8. Move in from right,
  9. Move in from top left,
  10. Move in from top right,
  11. Move in from bottom left,
  12. Move in from bottom right,
  13. Move out from left,
  14. Move out from right,
  15. Move out from top,
  16. Move out from bottom,
  17. Move out from top left,
  18. Move out from top right,
  19. Move out from bottom left,
  20. Move out from bottom right,
  21. Fade through black,
  22. Blinds horizontal,
  23. Blinds vertical,
  24. Checkerboard across,
  25. Checkerboard vertical,
  26. Dissolve,
  27. Split horizontal out,
  28. Split horizontal in,
  29. Split vertical out,
  30. Split vertical in.

If you want to create special transition styles, you can insert intermediate transition frames with small time steps by yourself. Therefore, you can create any transition styles as you want.

With so many powerful and user-friendly functions, you can conveniently and efficiently use NACDraw to create various projects with multimedia, animation, controls and hyperlinks without the needs to learn complicated computer languages. You can use NACDraw to create all kinds of multimedia games, movies, story books, presentations, illustrations, advertisements, Web pages, designs, lectures, and various other projects. For example, you can use NACDraw to create a design project for a machine, with simulated functions. People can click a button of the machine on the screen to start one simulated operation of the machine, another button to start another operation or to stop an operation and so on. You can link the specification files of all components of the machine to their graphic representations, so that people can simply click the components on the design to open their specification files. You can even put remote Internet reference files and link them to graphic objects of the design. If the computers are connected to the Internet, people can click on such graphic objects to download the reference documents to their computers and automatically open the files with appropriate software.

Moreover, since the browser of NACDraw is a freeware, you can even deliver your NACDraw projects with the browser to anybody you like so that he/she can read and play the projects without the needs to purchase the license of NACDraw.

The graphics editor of NACDraw allows you to create or edit graphic objects in the most user-friendly and efficient manner compared with all other graphics editors. The graphics editor can create polylines, curves, polygons, areas and complex pictures with any kind of pens and brushes. It can create text objects with any kind of fonts, colors, sizes , styles and escapement angles. It can import the graphic objects from another NACDraw document, a text file of polylines, polygons and text objects, bitmaps, pictures from the art gallery databases of the software or OLE objects from other software. You can also add new pictures to the art gallery databases to expand the useful databases.

The graphics editor allows you to use both the mouse to draft a picture and keyboard to input data to create an accurate picture. Therefore, the graphics editor can be used for designing, mapping or general graphics creation purposes. The software supports transparency for all its graphic objects from a polyline to a bitmap.

There are also special graphics tools for you to create regularly moving and/or changing objects for animation. You need to press only one button to create or delete an entire sequence of the images of a moving object with a change in location, size, orientation and color.

The software supports the context help and tool tips. When you move the cursor to a window item, you will see a yellow text box which gives you the simple instruction about the item. You will also see a bit more detail information about the item on the status bar. If you want to get a detail help on a command or a dialog, you can move the cursor on it and press F1 which will automatically open the help file about the command or dialog. You can also click the help toolbar button and then move the cursor to a menu command, a control button or a dialog and click the left button of the mouse, the help context for the command, button or dialog will pop up.

NACDraw has also very powerful tools for you to create shading effects and special duplications. You can fill in any rectangle with continuously changing color in different directions. You can create multiple duplications of a polygon with continuously changing locations, stretching in both dimensions, rotations, pen width, pen colors and brush colors. You can also create these duplications in a series of animation frames respectively so as to make smooth animation effects very efficiently. You have the even more powerful tool to duplicate a group of objects with continuously changing locations, stretching in both dimensions and rotations in a series of animation frames to simulation various motions and changing of objects in the actual world.

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System Requirements

  Minimal							Recommended

  486 Personal Computer				Pentium 100MHz PC
  At least 4 MB of RAM	           16 MB of RAM
  Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
  At least 5MB of hard disk space

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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