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WEBGIS Version 3.0

WEBGIS is for people to publish intelligent maps/GIS projects on web pages. It supports both raster and vector maps with unlimited map layers. Each map layer is a text file that can be created dynamically by CGI/ASP scripts extracting data from databases. Every map layer can have various map objects: images, symbols, texts, polylines, polygons, map bar charts and hyperlinks to link other maps and web pages. The API functions of the Java applet allows Java/VB scripts to open map files, draw traces and swich on/off map layers in the applet. The software is a perfect solution for real estate listing web services, online tourist guides, realtime traffic monitoring systems, etc. More information

NACMAP Version 3.0

NACMAP - JAVA GIS software running on Windows, UNIX and MAC has been integrated with the complete set of the maps of the entire United States with 11 map layers and 19 demographic thematic maps from country wide maps to local street maps. It allows users to plot multiple map layers of their own data on to the map with map bar charts, images, symbols, labels, polylines, polygons, ellipses, etc. The map can also include hyperlinks to link other NACMAP documents and web pages on the Internet to create a worldwide network. It's a powerful tool for Selection of Locations, Marketing Analysis, Natural Resource Management, Chain Stores Management, Real Estate Management, etc. The software is available for you to try free of charge. More information

NACGIS Version 2.0

It's finally here! Get the NACGIS v2.0 test version for FREE!

NACGIS is the one graphical editing program designed to suit your needs.

  • Automatic assignment of UGID's to all geographic objects.
  • Automatic links between a graphic object in the map file and its associated document in the document database. You can use both text searching and mouse clicking on the graphic object to retrieve the document for reading and editing.
  • Supports transparency which allows you draw transparent graphic objects with all pictures underneath shown in a mixed color.
  • Graphics editor's features:
    • Drawing tools: NACGIS Version 2.0 provides two sets of drawing tools:
      • Mouse direct drafting on the screen with your specified default line color, line type, line thickness, brush color, brush pattern, font type, font size, font color, layer number, etc.
      • Graphic object set-up dialog boxes to create accurate pictures. The dialog boxes allow you input exact coordinates for polyline nodes and polygon vertices and layer number, text escapement angle, layer number, specify whether it is a polyline or smooth curve and a polygon or an area, whether it is transparent, and set up pen, brush and font parameters. You can insert or delete nodes or vertices at any location of a polyline or a polygon. A polyline, polygon, simple picture or a group picture can be converted to each other by simply clicking a button on the dialog boxes.

        NACGIS Version 2.0 can draw polylines, curves, polygons, areas, simple pictures (rectangle, circle, ellipse, regular polygons, stars, etc.), text objects, bitmap objects and group pictures (from an art gallery database).
    • Manipulation tools: NACGIS Version 2.0 provides the following graphic objects manipulation tools:
      • Mouse and arrow keys direct dragging and resizing
      • Manipulation dialog box which allows you move an graphic object or a group of graphic objects a specified distance or to a specified location, exactly stretch it in x- and/or y-directions, rotate it a specified angle around a specified pivot, and mirror it in x- and/or y-directions with a specified symmetric center.
      • Alignment dialog box which allows you align a group of graphic objects to the left, center, right, top, middle, bottom.
      • Group objects tool which allows you to create group pictures (only one set of a group picture's data will be stored in the memory but can be shown in as many places as you want, which will greatly simplify your drawing and save memory). Once the group picture is created, you can also add it to the art gallery database of the software for later use.
      • Delete, Erase All, Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste tools
      • Grid generator which can automatically generate the appropriate level of the NAC grids.
    • Map viewing tools NACGIS Version 2.0 provides the following map viewing tools:
      • Theme layers dialog box allows you select the visible layers for the current map. It can store 120 different theme layers.
      • Zoom In and Zoom Out tools allows you zoom in as many time as you want and zoom back to the original picture.
      • Split panes of a window, multiple windows of a document and multiple windows of multiple documents. NACGIS Version 2.0 allows you to view different parts of a map in different panes or windows, view different scales in different panes, and compare different maps in different windows.
      • Display of the cursor's coordinates in Longitude/Latitude, UTM and NAC simultaneously on the status bar of the frame window.
      • Coordinate systems
        NACGIS Version 2.0 supports three types of coordinate systems: Longitude/Latitude system, UTM system and user-defined system. You can import a map file in one coordinate system and export it in another system (Longitude/Latitude <=> UTM).
      • Window setting
        You can set the scroll window size, window background color, the coordinates of the top left corner of the window and suitable scale to create the best view for the map.
    • Document editor's features NACGIS Version 2.0 also provides a powerful document editor which allows you to read and edit the attached document of a graphic object. The attached document is named by the UGID of a geographic object, which can contain text contents with all kinds of fonts, font styles, sizes and colors, bitmaps, and all other objects created by OLE servers such as Excel Charts and Worksheets.
    • Help file NACGIS Version 2.0 provides a powerful help system which has the following features:
      • Context help Whenever you need help for a dialog or a menu command, you can get the help topic immediately by pressing F1. You can also press the button with an arrow and a question mark on the toolbar and the move the cursor to the item which you need help and click the left button of the mouse to get the help topic.
      • Tooltips NACGIS Version 2.0 provides tooltips for all menu commands and buttons. When you move the cursor to a toolbar button, you will see a yellow box with simple help text beside the cursor and a bit more detail help text on the status bar of the frame window.
      • Topics, index and word search NACGIS Version 2.0 allows you to search help content by topics, index and simply a word.
    • Print, print preview and printer set-up NACGIS Version 2.0 provides you all the useful features for print, print preview and printer set-up. It allows you print black/while or color map, and a large map into small pieces which can be connected together to get a large map. You can also print any part of a map as you select.
    • Support of file types NACGIS Version 2.0 mainly support its own map document files with the extension ".nac". However, it can import and export three types of text files: lists of polyline nodes coordinates, lists of polygon vertices coordinates and lists of text objects (text contents, insert point coordinates and escapement angle). In the future versions, we will add dxf files. NAC Geographic Products Inc. also provides you various map documents at good prices.

    Discount information

    NAC Geographic Products Inc. would like to offer you a special discounted price for the license of using NACGIS Version 2.0. The standard price for the license for a single person using NACGIS Version 2.0 in one computer is 999. If you are using the software at home for non-business purposes, you can get 50% discount. Once you have bought one license of the software, you will get a 80% discount for the license for a future version of the same software. The price/License of NACGIS V2.0 is 999.

    Ordering information

    If you want to order our products, your order has to include the following information:
    • Your name, address, email address, phone number, fax number, company name and address;
    • Name of the product you want to order;
    • Is the product for business or not. You may get some discounts if not for business;
    • Specify shipping method: through mail (add 5 S/H) or through email (if possible).
    You can place your order through one of the following methods:
    • Use our on-line ORDER FORM;
    • Call (416) 496 6110 with your credit card ( visa or amex or master );
    • Send mail with checks (in US or Canada) or international money order with the amount in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars multiplied by 1.5 of the price in US Dollars, and add 7% GST if you are in Canada to:
      		NAC Geographic Products Inc.
      		1608-45 Huntingdale Blvd
      		Toronto, ON M1W 2N8
    • Send E-mail to info@nacgeo.com with credit card information (card type: VISA or MASTER, holder's name, card number, expiry date);
    • Send fax to (416)496 6110 with credit card information (card type: VISA or MASTER, holder's name, card number, expiry date).

    System Requirements

      Minimal						Recommended
      486 Personal Computer			Pentium 100MHz PC
      At least 4 MB of RAM			16 MB of RAM
      Windows 95 or Windows NT
      At least 5MB of hard disk space

If you have any comments, questions and suggestions, please write to info@nacgeo.com

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