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A Navigation Tool for Boating, Hiking and Pilotting

Price --- 59/License

This is a necessary navigation tool for boating, piloting or hiking. NACNav lets you input the current location NAC or longitude/latitude coordinates from GPS (i.e. in WGS84 Datum) and the destination location NAC or longitude/latitude coordinates in WGS84. It outputs the heading angle of the destination in magnetic compass (i.e. the angle between the magnetic north pole and the destination pointing from the current location) and the real distance (the shortest distance from the current location to the destination along the earth surface) as well as the magnetic declination at the current location (i.e. the angle between the true north and the magnetic north directions). The software also draws the results on a compass to show you the interpretation of the directions. This software has employed the accurate algorithm for the computation of distance and heading. It uses the World Magnetic Model - 2005 to calculate the magnetic declination.


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