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NAC Smart Tag DLL
That Turns Microsoft Office into Powerful Easy-To-Use GIS

Price --- Free

NAC Smart Tag DLL is a powerful tool to turn each Universal Address or Natural Area Code (NAC) in any Microsoft Office document (Outlook email, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Access table or PowerPoint presentation) into a smart tag which users can simply click to get the high resolution satellite image and street map to show the exact location or area of the NAC anywhere in the world. For looking up Universal Addresses, users have Free Geocoding Service and NAC Enhanced Google Maps to choose. You can also get Universal Address enhanced local search and driving directions on the NAC Enhanced Google Local and NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions.

NAC Smart Tag technology is a simple mapping solution for general users without the help of GIS software or any other programming.

Here is a list of some uses of NAC Smart Tag:
  1. Police officers can include the NAC of an accident in their accident report document.
  2. Journalists can include the NAC of the location of any event in their news report document.
  3. Road inspectors can use the NAC of a road pothole in their road repair request document.
  4. Environment monitors can use the NAC of a pollution in their hazard warnings document.
  5. Sales professionals can store the NACs of their customers in Excel spreadsheets or Access tables.
  6. Real estate agents can list houses with their NACs in their Office documents.
  7. Corpoarion anual reports include the NACs of their chain stores.
  8. Travellers can include the NACs of their interested way points.

NAC Smart Tag

Instructions of Use

Download and Installation
All computers with Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP or later versions can have NAC Smart Tag DLL installed. You can download the installation package here free of charge. The setup file can be saved in a folder on your hard drive. You have to quit all Office software including Outlook and Internet Explorer and then double click the setup file in the Windows Explore folder and follow the steps of instructions to install the DLL.

Activate NAC Smart Tag in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel of Version XP and 2003
You can select "Label text with smart tags", "NAC Smart Tag" and "Show Smart Tag Actions button" options and click OK on "Smart Tags" tab on AutoCorrect dialog box opened from Tools menu to activate the DLL in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. After the activation, you can type a sample NAC such as "NAC: 8C Q8" in the document and the text should automatically turn into a smart tag underlined with red dots in Outlook, Word and PowerPoint or marked with a small solid triangle at the cell right bottom corner on an Excel sheet. Move the cursor on it will pop up a i-box. Click the i-box will display the action menu on which you can select "Show the map of the NAC" to open the web browser with a map showing the location or area of the NAC. Note, you can input the NAC code with or without prefix "NAC: " in an Excel spreadsheet cell, but must not include any extra text and/or spaces in that cell.

Activate NAC Smart Tag in Access of Version XP and 2003
You can select "Show Smart Tags on Datasheets" option on the Datasheets tab of the Options dialog box opened from the Tools menu to show the smart tags on all tables. To activate smart tags in a field of a table, you have to open the design view and select the field you want to store smart tags. At the bottom of the field property, click "smart tags" which will show a browse button in its value box. Click the button will open the smart tags dialog box listing all the available smart tags. You can choose one, for example, NAC Smart Tag and click OK to close the smart tags dialog box, and then close the table design view and save the changes. Now double click the table to open its datasheet which will turn all the cells of the field into smart tags no matter what content they have. Only when the content is a correct NAC Smart Tag, a click of its action will display the correct map of the NAC.

You can also select "Show Smart Tags on Forms" option on the Forms/Reports tab of the Options dialog box to show the smart tags on all the forms and reports. To activate smart tags for a label on a form, you can open the design view of the form, right click the label and select Properties to open its property dialog box. On the property box, select Data tab and click smart tags to get the browse button. A click on the browse button will open the smart tags dialog box on which all available smart tags are listed. You can select NAC Smart Tag and click OK to close the box and then close the form design view with changes saved. When the form is open, moving the cursor onto the label will show the i-box similar similar to table cell. It also takes the all content of the label as a smart tag without verification.

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