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Here is a partial list of our partners:

LibanPost is committed to providing high quality postal services and products exceeding customer expectations in reliability, accuracy, consistency, innovation and affordability, and generating profit and creating value for its shareholders.

Intelligent Spatial
Intelligent Spatical LLC. is the sole representitive of SuperMap Software Ltd. in the US. SuperMap Software Ltd. is the largest GIS platform and application software company outside of the US. Our goal is to bring in the latest GIS software and technologies from outside of the US, present internaltional GIS development opportunities to the US GIS professionals, and promote collaborations accross boundaries.
Intelligent Spatials

Polaris Digitech Ltd.
POLARIS DIGITECH LIMITED is a growing but efficiently well-run company of professionals set on impacting on the planning and implementation of Rural and Urban Development and Infrastructure in Nigeria through the development and deployment of Geo-information Management Systems. Professionals in the fields of Geographic Information, Geography, Information Technology, Geomatics, Surveying and Remote Sensingwork in a highly technological enabling environment to achieve its objectives.
Polaris Digitech Ltd.

UFMS Inc. & ShippingHub
What we believe:-
  • Transportation plays a key role in determining the success of a company. A well managed transportation function impacts market share and profitability.
  • Companies must take control of transportation and respond to changes by making informed decisions based on complete, accurate and relevant information.
  • SME’s NEED the same transportation technology used by larger companies. This technology must be delivered at a reasonable and cost effective price.
  • You should not have to pay for functionality you will never use….
  • Information can improve customer service as a whole and provide visibility for the departments in the company to better serve their customers.
  • A Transportation Management System (TMS) MUST increase profitability through cost savings, operating efficiencies, improved customer service, accountability and analysis of information. If there is no ROI, the technology is simply not needed.

We are the largest supplier of mobile systems in the world and support all major standards for wireless communication. We drive the telecoms industry and are shaping the future. The world´s 10 largest mobile operators are among our customers and some 40% of all mobile calls are made through our systems.

We provide total solutions - from systems and applications to services and core technology for mobile handsets. With Sony Ericsson we are also a top supplier of complete mobile multi-media products.

We are a leading provider of mobile communications services with 100% ownership of mobile network operators in three countries - the UK, Germany and Ireland - as well as a leading mobile internet portal. All our businesses are branded O2. Additionally, the company has operations on the Isle of Man - Manx Telecom and owns O2 Airwave - an advanced, digital emergency communications service.

Orange has always had a simple idea at its core, our philosophy. It helps us ensure everything we do within the company and for our customers is positive, optimistic and really makes a difference to people’s lives. We have a unique attitude which is actually delivered upon through our actions for our customers.

Orange believes in the future.

Orange makes a difference to people’s lives by creating simple and innovative services that help people communicate and interact better.In addition to our philosophy, we have five values that help us deliver our philosophy through the way we behave.

Metamend Software
Metamend specializes in the development and integration of search engine optimization and marketing technologies, strategies and solutions. Corporations, independent web site operators, hosting firms and world leading e-commerce solution providers have implemented Metamend's innovative search engine optimization solutions.

At Microsoft, we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them.

Our goal is to become a market leader in LBS. Using the latest GPS technology and our innovative knowledge of location based systems, we see SafeAngel will benefit cost cutting and provide high revenues for mission critical businesses. We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for LBS provisioning which will delivering time saving, robust and scaleable products for use in the Location Based Services market.

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